TC-PAK-L - ThermaCell Pocket Warmer 1 unit

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TC-PAK-L - ThermaCell Pocket Warmer 1 unit:ThermaCELL Pocket Warmer, big brother of the Hand Warmer, is a battery-operated warmer that can be used to bring the heat to your pocket, jacket, pants or hand muffs. Charge your Pocket Warmer between uses to keep it ready for the next time you need to conquer the cold.

Package contains:
1 Pocket Warmer equipped with an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, 1 USB wall charger, 1 USB cord and an instruction booklet.



- Charges in 4 hours or less
- Thin and lightweight
- Easily turn off at the touch of a button
- Three temperature settings reaching up to 116°F
- Recharges hundreds of times
- Shock-resistant
- Lasts up to 6 hours of constant heat per charge
- Water-resistant

Pocket Warmer FAQs

Batteries and Charging

What kind of batteries are in the Heat Packs - Pocket Warmer?
Lithium Ion, 3300mAh, 3.8V, 12.3Wh
Note: “watt hours” do not reflect how long the battery will last in the product or how long it will take the battery to charge or discharge.

Can the battery in a Heat Pack be replaced?
Battery is not replaceable – attempting to access the battery voids the warranty.


Can I bring my Heat Packs on an airplane?
In general, the batteries are within the acceptable Federal Aviation Administration’s limits for Lithium Ion batteries. However, you should check with for updated information and information on carrying Heat Packs in checked vs. carry-on baggage.

How long will my Heat Packs take to charge?
Heat Packs take up to 4 hours to fully charge.

How do I tell if my Heat Pack is charging?
When a Heat Pack is charging, the LED will flash red. When it is fully charged, the LED will glow green.

Manual Operation

How do I turn my Heat Pack(s) On and Off?
To turn on your Heat Pack(s), press the black button located on the edge of the Heat Pack next to the LED. This will activate the heat.
To turn off your Heat Pack(s), press the black button located on the edge of the Heat Pack until the LED light no longer blinks. You can also hold the button for four seconds to turn the product off.
How hard do I have to push the button on my Heat Packs?
The push button requires deliberate pressure to turn the Heat Packs on, off, and cycle through the settings. This is to avoid unintentionally activating your Heat Packs. Do not use a pointed object to push the button.

What should I do if my Heat Packs are flashing red and green?
Your Heat Pack needs to be reset. Leave the Heat Pack off the charger until it goes completely dead. The LED will stop flashing when the Heat Pack battery is dead. Once the LED goes off completely, recharge the Heat Pack.

How do I tell which heat setting I have selected on my Heat Packs?
The LED’s on the Heat Packs will change patterns.
Low = 1 flash, Medium = 2 flashes, High = 3 flashes.
The LED’s will not flash when the Heat Pack is off.

What are the temperature settings?
The temperatures are measured in a closed environment and are approximately:

High = 116°
Medium = 110°
Low = 106°
Care and Comfort

Are Heat Packs waterproof?
They are water-resistant, not waterproof. Submerging your Heat Pack could cause the product to fail and will void the warranty.

Can I take the rubber case off my Heat Pack?
Do not remove the rubber case. There are no user serviceable parts in the Heat Packs. Removing the rubber case will void the warranty.

How do I clean Heat Packs?
Use only a damp cloth. Do not use chemicals or cleaning agents.

Are there any medical conditions with which I should not use Heat Packs?
Persons with reduced physical sensory capabilities should consult a physician before using Heat Packs.

Picture of TC-PAK-LMC - ThermaCell Pocket Warmer 1 Unit  - 6 Units
TC-PAK-LMC - ThermaCell Pocket Warmer 1 Unit - 6 Units
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TC-PAK-LMC: Sold as 6 pairs/case.

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