TC-PAK-BT - ThermaCell Bluetooth Pocket Warmer 1 unit

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TC-PAK-BT - ThermaCell Bluetooth Pocket Warmer 1 unit: ThermaCELL Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth®, the next generation of the ThermaCELL Heat Packs - Pocket Warmer, is a battery-operated warmer that can be used to bring the heat to your pocket, jacket, pants or hand muffs. It boosts all of the features of the original Heat Packs - Pocket Warmer, with some great additional features:

BLUETOOTH® OPERATION - No more need to take your Pocket Warmer out! Simply operate your ThermaCELL Heat Packs Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth from your smart device (iOS devices and Android) without removing it from your pocket or clothing.

QUICK CHARGE - Batteries charge up to 50% faster.

LANYARD INCLUDED - Package includes an adjustable-length lanyard to enable positioning of the Warmer perfectly on the body under clothing.

DUST COVER - Protects the charging port from the elements and keeps it clean.

Package contains: 
1 Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth equipped with an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, 1 adjustable-length lanyard, 1 USB wall charger, 1 USB cord and an instruction booklet.



- Charges in 2 hours or less
- Thin and lightweight
- Easily operate with the touch of a button or via an application on your smart device (iOS or Android)
- Three temperature settings reaching up to 116°F
- Recharges hundreds of times
- Shock-resistant
- Lasts up to 6 hours of constant heat per charge
- Water-resistant

Bluetooth Pocket Warmer FAQs

Batteries and Charging

What kind of batteries are in the Heat Pack Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth?
Lithium Ion 3300mAh, 3.8V, 12.3Wh
Note: “watt hours” do not reflect how long the battery will last in the product or how long it will take the battery to charge or discharge.

Can the battery in a Heat Pack be replaced?
Battery is not replaceable – attempting to access the battery voids the warranty.

How long will my Heat Packs take to charge?
Heat Packs take up to 2 hours to fully charge.

Can I bring my Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth on an airplane?
In general, the batteries are within the acceptable Federal Aviation Administration’s limits for Lithium Ion batteries. However, you should check with for updated information and information on carrying Heat Packs in checked vs. carry-on baggage.

How do I tell if my Heat Pack is charging?
When a Heat Pack is charging, the LED will flash red. When it is fully charged, the LED will glow green.

Is it an issue if I lost the port cover on my Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth?
The port cover is not necessary to the functioning of your Pocket Warmer. We do not provide replacement port covers.


Bluetooth Application

How can I find the ThermaCELL Bluetooth app in my app store?
Use the term “thermacell” as your search word.

I don’t want to provide the registration information. Will this affect how my product works?
No, that will not affect how the product works.

Do you share the information that I provide in the registration process?


How do I add products?
Press the + sign on the My ThermaCELL Heated Products Page in the app. Once the app finds your product, press the + sign to the right of your Product ID code to add the product.

How do I know what my Product ID Code is?
The cover of your instruction booklet has a Product ID sticker. Record the last four digits of that number. This is the number that will pop up when you search for nearby ThermaCELL Heated Products.

Do I need internet access to add products or use the app?
You will need an internet connection to download the app, but you do not need an internet connection to use the app. You must have the Bluetooth function enabled on your smartphone or tablet to manage your product and use the app.

I forgot the four digit code I picked for my Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth. How do I reset my code?
When prompted for your personal 4 digit ID Code, enter any four digits four times. The application will ask to reset the product which will allow entry of a new code and a new name. Schawbel Technologies has no record of this code.

My friend also has a Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth and he picked the same ID code as me. Can we change setting on each other’s Pocket Warmers?
No. Pocket Warmers are “paired” with your device when you first add the product. Your friend would have to add your Pocket Warmer to their device and know your code in order to make changes to your insoles.

I dropped my phone in water (or otherwise damaged my phone/tablet) while using your Bluetooth application. Will you replace my phone, any part of my phone, or pay for the repair or replacement?
No. Schawbel Technologies is not liable for any kind of damage under any circumstances, to any device that you chose to load and use the ThermaCELL Heated Products app on.

Does the ThermaCELL Heated Product Bluetooth application cause any excessive drain to my device’s battery?
No. The application does not drain your device’s battery any faster than other applications.

I lost my Product ID Code. How do I get it?
Take your Pocket Warmer to a location where there are no other ThermaCELL Heated Products around. When you press the + sign to add the product, the product you are holding should be the only one the app sees.

Can I rename my heated device?
Yes. Enter the 4 digit security code incorrectly until the device asks if you want to reset it. Click Ok. This will then allow you to reset your code (you can use the same number you had before) and rename your product.

Do I have to process the Firmware updates?
Yes. The Firmware updates will keep your Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth running smoothly.

How do I get software updates for the ThermaCELL Bluetooth Application?
Check the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for software updates.

How do I turn my Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth On and Off using the app?
To turn your Pocket Warmer On:
Make sure you have paired your Pocket Warmer with the app and the Pocket Warmer is fully charged.
Find Pocket Warmer on the My Products screen and click the arrow to the right of the product name.
Adjust the heat settings using the app.
To turn your Pocket Warmer off:
Short term: Use the No Heat setting to turn the heat off. After several hours of non-use, the unit will go into “sleep” mode which saves battery life over a prolonged period.
Long term: Hold your finger on the power button on the bottom of the Pocket Warmer until the LED light goes off. Recharge your Pocket Warmer periodically for best performance. Store in a cool, dry place.
Manual Operation

How do I manually turn my Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth On and Off?
To turn on your Heat Pack(s), press the black button located on the edge of the Heat Pack next to the LED. This will activate the heat.
To turn off your Heat Pack(s), press the black button located on the edge of the Heat Pack until the LED light no longer blinks. You can also hold the button for four seconds to turn the product off.
How hard do I have to push the button on my Heat Packs?
The push button requires deliberate pressure to turn the Heat Packs on, off and cycle through the settings. This is to avoid unintentionally activating your Heat Packs. Do not use a pointed object to push the button.


How do I tell if the settings are changing on my Heat Packs?
The LED’s on the Pocket Warmer with Bluetooth will change patterns.
Low = 1 flash, Medium = 2 flashes, High = 3 flashes.
The LED’s will not flash when the Heat Pack is off.
What are the temperature settings?
The temperatures are measured in a closed environment and are approximately:

High = 116°, Medium = 110°, Low = 106°
Use the No Heat setting to turn the heat off. After several hours of non-use, the insoles will go into “sleep” mode which, when the unit is stored, saves battery capacity for approximately 30 days.
Care and Comfort

Are Heat Packs waterproof?
They are water-resistant, not waterproof. Submerging your Heat Pack could cause the product to fail and would void the warranty.

Can I take the rubber case off my Heat Pack?
Do not remove the rubber case. There are no user serviceable parts in the Heat Packs. Removing the rubber case will void the warranty.

How do I clean Heat Packs?
Use only a damp cloth. Do not use chemicals or cleaning agents.

Are there any medical conditions that mean I should not use Heat Packs?
Persons with reduced physical sensory capabilities should consult a physician before using Heat Packs.


Picture of TC-PAK-BTMC - ThermaCell Bluetooth Pocket Warmer 1 Unit - 6 Units
TC-PAK-BTMC - ThermaCell Bluetooth Pocket Warmer 1 Unit - 6 Units
GTIN: 10813134020830

TC-PAK-BTMC: Sold as 6 pairs/case.

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