1972 - EcoHeat Chafing Warmer

Disposable Warmers used with EcoHeat chafing dish heating system.
Manufacturer: EcoHeat
SKU: 1972

1972 - EcoHeat Chafing Dish Warmer - Disposable Warmers used with EcoHeat chafing dish heating system.

EcoHeat Warmers are manufactured by Heat Factory®; with 35 years experience of manufacturing air activated warmers. The large, high temperature, air activated warmers contain a biodegradable mixture of iron powder, charcoal, salt, and vermiculite. When exposed to the air, an oxidation process takes place that generates heat. 

EcoHeat Warmers are rated to provide 2 hours of heat above 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  Use only with the EcoHeat warming system.

Sold in a master case of 96 warmers that provides over 64 hours of heating!


  • Patent Pending
  • Non-Toxic
  • No odor
  • No more heating water

What is the Max temperature and duration?
Our heating system will produce a temperature of 165° lasting 2.5 hours.How does the heating system work? With our revolutionary fire free and electric free heating source all you have to do is put the warmers on the supports. The EcoHeat warmers will be ready to keep all food types warm in only 20 minutes. This will significantlycut down on setup time.

How do the EcoHeat warmers activate?
Our EcoHeat warmers are air activated. This means the warmers only need to be exposed to air.

How many EcoHeat warmers are needed per dish?
We suggest each dish has 3 EcoHeat warmers per dish.How to setup a normal dish? Setup is an easier and quicker process compared to chafing fuels. First start with the standard chafing dish with a four inch water pan. Next place the support inside the water pan. Place three EcoHeat warmers on top of the support, allowing 15 minutes for the warmers to heat to the necessary temperature. When the food is ready to serve, place the food pan directly on top of the warmers. An additional option is the insulated skirt, that can be added at any time during the setup process.

How to dispose of warmers?
Unlike chafing fuels, when the event is over, the warmers can be thrown away in the trash.

What is the case count?
Each case is divided into two 48 count boxes.

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes! To qualify for free shipping, the order must total to $2,500.

Picture of 1972MC- EcoHeat Warmer 96 Units
1972MC- EcoHeat Warmer 96 Units
Disposable Warmers used with EcoHeat chafing dish heating system.
SKU: 1972MC

1972 - EcoHeat Chafing Dish Warmer - Sold in a master case of 96 warmers.