1964-1 - Hand Warmer Big Pack - 12 pairs

Manufacturer: Heat Factory
SKU: 1964-1
UPC: 0-37137-19641-2

1964-1-Hand Warmer Big Pack; The Hand Warmer Big Pack offers the popular Mini Warmer as a convenient value pack for family outings, weekend excursions or tailgate parties. Mini Warmers last 10+ hours and are ideal for gloves, pockets, Heat Factory headwear, or any place where soothing heat is desired. Keep handy in luggage, car, or gear bags for anytime use. Sold as 12 pairs/pack.

Picture of 1964-1MC- 24 units
1964-1MC- 24 units
SKU: 1964-1MC
UPC: 0-37137-39641-6

1964-1MC - Hand Warmer Big Packs: 24 units/case. MADE IN THE USA. 

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