1797 - Heated Deluxe Balaclava

SKU: 1797
UPC: BK: 037137-17972-9; MO: 037137-17975-0

1797 - Heated Deluxe Balaclava: The distinct features in Heat Factory's Deluxe Balaclava are the FIVE secret pockets! The pockets are located in the front, back, just over the ears and the top of the head to keep you warm in the coldest conditions. Also it features a fold back cap for warmer weather and a breathing mesh to prevent the fogging of glasses. Designed for warmth and comfort in any condition. Comes in Black or Mossy Oak. Made In USA.

Picture of 1797BX - Heated Deluxe Balaclava 12 Units
1797BX - Heated Deluxe Balaclava 12 Units
SKU: 1797BX

1797BX - Heated Deluxe Balaclava: 12 Units per box.