1203-Emergency Warmer Pack Variety Box

Manufacturer: Heat Factory
SKU: 1203
UPC: 0-37137-12031-8

1203-Emergency Warmer Pack Variety Box: Be prepared and warm, anytime… anywhere.  The Emergency Warmer Pack is a key essential to stock for any emergency situation.  A mylar blanket and glow sticks complete this survival pack.  Merchandise at the cash register, end caps and along main aisles. Contains: 12 pair hand warmers, 6 large body warmers, 6 pair toe warmers, 2 glow sticks, 1 mylar emergency blanket.

Picture of 1203MC - Emergency Warmer Pack - 8 units
1203MC - Emergency Warmer Pack - 8 units
SKU: 1203MC
UPC: 0-37137-12031-8

1203MC - Emergency Warmer Pack: Sold as 8 units/case.

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