1201 - Complete Warmer Set

Manufacturer: Heat Factory
SKU: 1201
UPC: 0-37137-12011-0

1201-Complete Warmer Set: The complete warmer set is perfect for any family outings, camping weekends or tailgate parties.  Use the hand warmers for gloves and pockets, pre-heat your sleeping bag with the large 20+ hour warmers, and keep your toes warm whether sitting at the camp site or roaming around the great outdoors. Keep packs handy in gear bags, luggage, car, and boat. Contains: 15 Mini Hand Warmers(#1953), 15 Large Hand & Body Warmers(#1941), 10 Adhesive Toe Warmers(#1945), 5 Footwarmer Insoles(#1958)

Picture of 1201MC - Complete Warmer Set - 4 units
1201MC - Complete Warmer Set - 4 units
SKU: 1201MC
UPC: 0-37137-32011-4

1201MC - Complete Warmer Set; Sold as 4 units/case.

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